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Detailed Instructions

This photo will be used as your identification photo for official university business and records, including, but not limited to, your Lesley University ID Card. We ask that you submit a professional, color, passport-style photo showing a full-front view of your head and shoulders.

By submitting this photo you agree this photo may be used by the University of MyPhoto ®. If you have questions about use of your Lesley University ID Card photo please email us at

To begin, click on the “Get Started Now!” button on the home page.

STEP ONE: Take Your Photo

Refer to the above example for acceptable photos.



  • ✓ Submit a color photo
  • ✓ Center your face
  • ✓ Use a neutral facial expression


  • ✗ Wear a hat or sunglasses
  • ✗ Have any objects with you
  • ✗ Submit a photo older than six months 


  • As a general rule of thumb, your photo should be as professional as possible
  • If eyeglasses contain glare, the photo may be rejected


STEP TWO: Upload Your Photo

Only passport-style photos will be approved. If your photo does not meet any of the listed requirements, it will be denied.

STEP THREE: Edit Your Photo

If needed, you may use the tools to crop, rotate, and resize the submitted photo.

STEP FOUR: Preview Your Photo
Does it match? Compare your photo to the sample card photo shown in the preview.
Click the box to confirm. 
STEP FIVE: Upload Your Government ID
Upload a copy of your driver’s license or passport using a mobile device or computer.
Please note: Only .jpeg or .png images will be accepted.

STEP SIX: Edit Your Government ID
Your upload is displayed below.
If needed, you may use the tools to crop, rotate, and resize your government ID.
Need to change your photo? Re-upload below.

STEP SEVEN: Preview Your Government ID
Step 7 will display a sample driver's license ID card and preview of your government ID photo.
Compare your photo submission to the example on the left. Click both checkboxes below to continue.

I have reviewed the necessary requirements of the government ID photo. I understand that if I submit a photo that does not meet the requirements or is improperly formatted, my application may be delayed until a suitable photo is resubmitted.

STEP EIGHT: Signature


Sign your full name using a mouse, finger, or stylus. Click ‘Save’ to continue or ‘Reset’ to start over.

STEP NINE: Finalize


Thank you for your submission! All required documents have been successfully uploaded to our database. Your confirmation number is XXXXX. 

Once your Lesley University ID Card has been printed and is available for pickup you will need to bring your government-issued ID to our office to obtain your ID Card. Distance learning students will receive their ID Card through a separate process.